Analog Weighing Scale Vs Digital Weighing Scale: Which is Better?

Weighing Scales are used to measure the weight of an item and are prominently used everywhere.

These are multipurpose scale which are used in different ways.

These are mostly used by small or big retail shops and even production businesses.

Many people even used these types of scale at home to measure their body weight right at the comfort of their home.

If you are also contemplating to purchase a weighing scale for your home then you must see what are the options available for you in the market place.

Weighing scale are of two types - Electronic (Digital) and Analog.

Though both do the same work i.e. measuring weights, but you must know your own requirement and also the advantages and disadvantages of owning any of these two weighing scale.

It may look simple enough to go to offline or online store and order for a weighing scale. But there are different types of scales available in the market.

These scales are mostly divided into digital scale and analog scale. On surface it may seem that there is not much difference between the two as both are used for measuring weight only.

But there exist some difference between the two, like, appearance, features, accuracy and also cost.

Many people believe that analog scales are much more accurate while to the contrary there are people who believe that digital scale is far more accurate than the analog scale.

While one basic difference between the two is that an analog weighing scale has dials to show the weight measurement while digital weighing scale shows weight in digital form.

There are other difference too which are discussed below.

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The question arises which one is really a better scale?

Is it the analog scale that is better or is it the digital scale that is better?

From a buyers a point of view it may confused many.

So, in this article, I will analyse Analog Weighing Scale Vs Digital Weighing Scale by comparing its features and also its pros and cons which will allow you to make the right buying decision.

I am going to compare all the important points in regards to the analog weighing machine as well as the digital one.

Easy To Use

The reading dial in an Analog Scale keeps wobbling with a slight movement in weight which makes it little difficult to read the dial. Thus, reading weight measurements can be a little difficult.

In a digital scale, display is integrated right into the machine providing better reading in comparison to analog scale.


Readings on an analog scale are more accurate but not precise. It cannot display the weight to decimal places.

Digital scales readings are more precise in measuring weight but there may be slight percentage of error in every reading. However, it can display weight even to some decimal places. Hence, more preferred.


With time the spring mechanism in an Analog scales wears out which results in error in readings. Thus, it is less durable than the digital scales.

Digital scales are certainly durable and they also come with a yearlong warranty. Some brands even offer a longer period warranty which certainly makes digital scales last long than the analog ones.


Analog scales are slightly heavy because of the spring mechanism built inside the machine.

As the Digital weighing scales are light and sleek, they are very portable. So, you can also carry it outdoors.


The cost of these analog scales have not changed much with time. However, in comparison to digital scale it's price can be higher or lower depending on which digital scale you are comparing it with.

Price of a digital weighing machine purely depends on its features. Digital weighing scale with high-end features are a bit pricey. But you can always save some buck if you go for scale with some less features.

Above I have tried to explain main differences between the analogue and the digital scale. By comparing the above points you can easily identify which weighting scale is better for you.

Though we have compared the differences between the analogue weighing scale and digital weighing scale, there still remain scope for you to select scale based on features.

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Analog Scale Vs Digital Scale

Analog Scale


Analog weighing scale are the simple scale which shows only weight. There is no other function in it.


They are good enough to display measurement in rounded figure. It can't display weight in decimals.


Analog weighing scale do not have backlight. So, you can't take measurements in darkness.


Many analog scale comes with a knob to calibrate hey are quite easy to calibrate.


They work on a spring mechanism so they doesn't need batteries to operate.

Digital Scale


Digital weighing scale displays weight measurement that are more precise and accurate. That is why, they are usually preferred over the analog scales


it can even display weight to some decimal places.


They have a backlight, making it easy to read them.


A technical person can only calibrate a digital scale. It will be difficult for you to calibrate a digital scale on your own.


They run on batteries.


With the advancement of technology, use of analog weighing scales has been reduced as the new digital weighing scales were light weight, accurate and records weight more precisely than the analog scale.

Due to these factors most businesses whether small or big are using digital weighing scale as compared to analog weighing scale.

Due to its portability feature, digital weighing scale has been more popular among people wanting to have a weight measuring device at home.

Also, digital weighing scale last long while spring used in an analog scale wears out soon.

As mentioned earlier, springs used in an analog scale wears out soon. So, with time it may start giving erroneous measurement of weight.

Due to these reasons, analog scales are not much preferred. Whereas, due to its accurate and precise measurement digital weighing scale has become craze among fitness freaks.

Thus, if you are looking for weighing scale at home to give you accurate and precise measurements I would advised you to go for digital weighing scale.