HalfSun Fitness Tracker Review

Fitness tracker devices has become a craze today among young people who are fitness freaks and wants to track their fitness goal right on their finger tips.

On mobile app store you find hundreds of fitness application that could help you use as a beginner.

These apps helps in counting your steps and distances covered and also calculates how much calories you have burnt.

You can try apps like Google Fit, Fitbit or Moves to help you as a beginner.

If you do cycling everyday then apps like Runtastic PRO or Strava can be very helpful to monitor all your important fitness data.

But with mobile apps there is one problem.

You will need to carry your phone always with you whenever you go out for a walk or run or cycling to get accurate distance covered or calorie burnt.

Many people doesn't like to carry phone when they go out for a walk or run or even cycling.

Also, if you want to track your fitness 24 hours then it is almost impossible to always carry your phone with you.

For 24-hour tracking you need a device which you can wear without causing any discomfort.

So, the best alternative to mobile phones are fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers are easy to wear and can help you figure out if you are getting enough steps every day to be healthy

Keeping in mind these young generation various companies have already launched different types of fitness tracker devices in the market.

So, finding the one which best matches your fitness goal is difficult.

A fitness device is considered good if it has the following features:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Step Calculation
  • Sleep Quality Analysis
  • Heart Beat Reminder
  • Incoming Call Reminder
  • Alarm Clock

How Does A Fitness Tracker Works?

Unlike mobile phones in your pocket, fitness trackers sits quietly on your wrist.

It count your steps, track your sleep and also accurately calculates whether you are on a light jog or a fast run.

Current day fitness trackers use a three-axis accelerometer as their primary sensor.

This accelerometer measures acceleration based upon start of motion, end of motion, and also intensity.

Fitness trackers collects data which can be processed with an internal computer chip and/or a smartphone application.

In this article, Halfsun Fitness Tracker review I am going tell you about this wonderful product which will help you to keep fit by maintaining and recording your fitness regime.

About Halfsun Fitness Tracker

Halfsun fitness tracker will monitor:

  • real-time heart rate
  • blood pressure
  • sleep
  • steps
  • distances covered
  • total calorie burnt
  • total active minutes

Halfsun fitness tracker has compact design and is easy to wear.

Requires Bluetooth 4.0 & later.

It comes with 200 mAh battery which lasts 3 to 5 days.

Essential Features

1. HalfSun Fitness Tracker comes with 1.30" IPS HD color screen display.

2. It comes with 24/7 Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor.

3. It would vibrate to alert you when the average heart rate value in 30 mins gets higher or lower than the set up value.

4. It also comes with sleep monitor to analyze your sleep quality and sleep duration.

5. You will get alert whenever there is an incoming phone call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

6. It is waterproof.

Key Benefits

Daily Performance Tracking

It accurately tracks your heart rate, blood pressure, steps, calories burned, miles covered, total active minutes, and sleep data.

Make sure that you wear the tracker 24-hours so that it can accurately track the all the metrics and alert you if any abnormal readings are observed.

Heart Rate Monitoring

HalfSun Fitness Tracker monitors your hear rate as long as you wear the it.

Your heart is a major indicator of your body condition. So, it's essential that you wear the tracker as often as you can.

When the average heart rate value in 30 mins gets higher or lower than the set up value it automatically alerts you.

Thus, you know that you are always on the safe side with this tracker.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

It automatically tracks your blood pressure.

However, please keep your wrist stable when testing blood pressure to get accurate reading.

Sleep Analyzer

Make sure that you wear the tracker 24-hours so that it can accurately track the duration and consistency of your sleep.

It automatically tracks your sleep quality and help you in analyzing the sleep quality data.

Multi-Sport Tracking

It can record up to 14 different exercises like walking, running, and riding.

Call, SMS & SNS Reminder

When your fitness tracker is paired with the compatible phone you will receive incoming call reminder, SMS notification and email notification right on your tracker screen.

Long Work Time

Up to 3-5 days work time enables you to use the tracker throughout your whole-week activity and workout without charging.

Waterproof Design

The tracker is waterproof, sweatproof and dustproof.

So, you can use it in rains. But don't use it during swimming and shower.

Basic Specifications:
Display Screen: 1.30" IPS HD Color Screen
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Battery: 200 mAh
Working Time: 3~5 days
Charging Type: USB Port Charger
Charging Time: 1 hour

Package Contents:
1 x HalfSun Smart Fitness Tracker
1 x Cable Charger
1 x User Guide